To some, the thought of ONE photographer is more than enough at any event - to suggest having TWO is just insanity.

"It's a waste of time" - "It's over-kill" - "Another mouth to feed" - "I don't want lots of cameras pointing at me" etc etc

However, in reality the prescence of a second photographer is something a little different

Spot my second photographer in the main picture above. It won't be too difficult, as I've circled him in yellow.... but you get the idea?

I work weddings on my own often, however, some weddings deserve a second shooter to get that different angle, an unusual perspective and a view that you wouldn't sometimes get with just one photographer.

Are they a necessity ? No

Are they a great optional extra ? Most definately

“Being a second shooter gives me the flexibility and creative edge to photograph perspectives I wouldn't normally get chance to as the main photographer”

Main Photographer

Second Photographer

Main Photographer

Second Photographer

The Velociraptor

I often joke that we operate like the dinousaurs on Jurassic Park. It's not the one in front of you, but the one on the side that you haven't seen that gets you...

So, if you are a fan of candid, natural pictures, a second photographer is definately something to consider.

Often not seen, they get into strange an unusual places. Under chairs, on balconies, lying on the floor, and up trees (true story). Jon 2 has also had the privelege of being in a JCB, a rally car, and stood in rivers. He loves it, he really does.


I am very fortunate. My second shoters are all full time professional photographers in their own right, and run succesful businesses themselves. However, given the chance, they genuinely love the freedom they get on weddings with me. Something that the main photographer cannot always get.

Preparations in the morning is an obvious bonus of having a 2nd shooter with us on the wedding day. It means we can both concentrate on one couple each, then meet up at the ceremony.

Jon 1

Frances and Rob had fireworks at their New Years Eve wedding.

I knew the shots I wanted to get and set up appropriately to get them.

I loved the result - and so did the couple !

Jon 2

Jon 2 set up with a different lens at a different angle to capture a totally different image.

Same place. Same subject. Different photograph

Any Negatives?

Are there any donwnsides - YES ! I have a lot more images to edit after the wedding for a start !

It goes without saying that booking a second photographer will usually give you even more images of your wedding day. So from a couples point of view it is a big bonus.

Yes, it does mean there is another "supplier" on site all day, and if we are lucky enough to be fed, it's another meal to buy, But I' hope this is a small price to pay for what you get from it.

Do we sometimes get in each others shots? Sometimes it is unavoidable, especially in some churches and ceremony rooms. However, as we are used to how each other works, we avoid this 99% of the time, and manouvre into positions where we are out of the line of site of each other.


I hope you now have a clearer idea of what a second photographer is, what they do, and what they can add to your day.

They are not an essential, however, they are a great addition, and I'd be only too happy to talk through the options with you.