"I truly believe that EVERY parent should be able to purchase a school photograph of their child. Regardless of their budget...."

—Memories Made Photography

Working with schools around the country, we provide a natural and personable alternative to some of the usual "School Photos" that we all may know.

Images are taken very naturally, with a much reduced focus on posing, allowing the child's personality to come through.

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Our style, manner and images have been very well received in the many schools that we have had the pleasure of working with.

We intentionally set out to provide a different service to the "norm", and to also price point at a level which is fairer and accommodating for all.

We can provide multiple photographers if required, but also love working with the smaller schools which sometimes get forgotten about... One of our regular schools has less than 50 children in the entire school !

Natural, characterful images

I'm a parent too, and sometimes the thought of paying for unnatural images of my children, on a plain white background seems a little underwhelming.

We utilise the school grounds, outside as and when possible. Using natural light, and familiar surroundings to ensure the images taken are as natural as possible.

The positive feedback from parents and schools has been extremely encouraging.

We work quickly, and without fuss or disruption, but try to capture the real person, rather than a forced smile.

Images above are used with full permission from schools and parents


School photos are taken outside wherever possible. Children are more natural, the lighting is 100% better, and it’s a lot more fun. 

Even the class photos are taken outside utilising trim trails, playgrounds, woodland - whatever works best.

The more traditional background is available if preferred, or in the case of adverse weather.


Prices are specifically calculated to cater for EVERY parent regardless of budget.

Individual photos from just £3 with NO minimum orders. Pricing is fair, affordable and at a fraction of the cost that some parents and schools may be used to.

With the cost of living spiralling out of control, parents are appreciating the very reasonable pricing…

Fair & Simple

A simple, no fuss, safe, admin process, We totally understand that schools have far better things to do than to try and organise school photos. Our systems are easy to use, and lets the sales process run itself.

A fair and competitive commissions structure for schools is also set out.

"Our systems fully support and integrate with SIMS, Progresso, Cloudschool and many others"

—Memories Made Photography

"Just wanted to let you know how much I have loved the photos, the digital watermarked prints are fantastic, I really can’t wait to get them. The website ordering system was super easy to use and I also really liked the way I could mix the prints in the packages. I also really like that the school has chosen a local photographer and is supporting a local business and not a large chain."