Memories Made....

YOUR wedding. A day filled with emotion, laughter, love, tears and a lot of fun.

A responsibility not to be taken lightly, but ALWAYS a pleasure and a privilege to be involved.

I offer packages to suit most days, but importantly, it is YOUR day, so things can be amended to suit.

Typically, I am with you all day, capturing everything from preparations in the morning, through the ceremony, confetti, family pictures, the all important just married pictures,

Helen & Anthony. St Annes Church Manchester

Tracy & Ruari. The Plough at Lupton

Lyndsey & John. St Georges Hall, Liverpool

The Wedding of Emma & Jamie

Nicola & John. West Tower, Ormskirk

Your Wedding Day

Most people hate being photographed. Myself included ! Please don't worry.

My style and personality makes for a friendly, relaxed yet professional approach to your big day. Yes, I'll be with you all day. Sometimes I'll be giving your guests a quick lesson in how to throw confetti (they often need it trust me...) other times, you won't even see me.

I'm there to photograph your day - but I'm also there to help, guide, direct, calm, and even entertain at times.

We will have talked at length beforehand. We will have met up over a coffee, and I'll know everything I need to know well in advance so your day goes smoothly.

My job is to tell the story of your day in pictures. This includes the laughter, the tears and the inbetween. Knowing what and when to photograph is something a lot of people refer to as "having the eye for it". It's sort of true, but is also backed up by experience, and a great relationship between the couple and photographer. My "secret"? - I join in, I chat to guests, I tell corny jokes. However, by simply being myself, I become "Jon" and not "the wedding photographer" so the natural pictures come so much easier.

One of the nicest reviews I ever got.....

"Jon arrived as a photographer, and left as a guest"


Before the Wedding

I always like to meet up with couples before the big day itself. Plus, you can email/text/call me as many times as you like for advice, questions, opinions etc - I'm always here to help.

I will also bring my cameras along to the meeting, to get some informal "pre-wedding" pictures. You can then see how I am with a camera in my hand, and I get to see how you react in front of one. 

I don’t charge any extra for this…but it is great to do and is a lot of fun anyway. 

I'll even share some of my "top tips" with you to make the day go perfectly.

Your Wedding Day

We can amend coverage to suit your day...but a typical wedding day will consist of;

Full day coverage. So that's from preparations right through to the first dance, and will include:

Preparations. Candid and unobtrusive images of you and your partner in the build up to the ceremony.

Arrival of guests and your arrivals too

The Ceremony captured candidly without interruption

Group / Confetti pictures I'll arrange things and even give guests instruction on how to throw confetti (yes there is a right and wrong way)

Family pictures. As many or as few as you like

The all-important “Just Married” pictures. NO forced posing don't worry. It's about you and your partner being yourselves.

Speeches I love the reaction shots of guests when listening to speeches.

Cutting of the Cake & 1st dances. Granted, nowadays, this is a first "sway" - but you do your thing, and I'll work the dance floor to get the pictures.

General Candid and natural pictures of the day. The smiles, laughter, tears, tantrums and more

After the Event

I'll get some preview pictures edited and out to you within a few days of the wedding so you can share then or even use them on thank you cards.

The rest of the images will be edited, and made available on your own online private gallery. From here you can view, download, share, and even order prints etc. There is no limit to the number of images you receive.

Downloads are protected by a PIN code, so you can be sure that only the right people get access to your pictures.

I'll also put all the images onto a laser etched USB for you to keep safe.

The images are not watermarked and don't have logos on them. You are also free to print and share them as you wish.

Prints, canvasses, albums are always available to order anytime, and are very reasonably priced.


As each wedding day is so unique and personal, there are never two the same. So I have always believed I would be doing you, the couple, an injustice by trying to put together a price list, when you may want something completely different.

So, I took the approach very early on to treat each wedding individually, and tailor a package to suit.

Importantly, I like to remain fair and affordable, so please do not hesitate to get in touch for a completely obligation-free quote.

Looking for something extra...?


I am very fortunate to have amazing relationships with superb videographers.. From a single camera operator capturing you day naturally, to a multi camera setup, suited to the larger events, we are happy to find the ideal option for you.

Working together often ensures that we know how each other operate, and don't get in each others way!

All of my videographers operate with the professional HD cameras and remote audio capturing devices for the perfect picture and sound. Please ask for further details and more examples for their work...

Second Photographer

Whilst remaining unobtrusive. 2 photographers maximizes the coverage for a wedding. They tend to work more on the periphery, capturing more candid images. See if you can actually spot him in the photo.....

His angle selection also differs slightly, so key moments are captured differently.

The ceremony is photographed from the front and rear of the venue, giving the beautiful aisle shots from both angles.

My second photographer has worked with me on countless weddings, as well as being an established wedding and events photographer himself. 

A great value option for any wedding.

Spot my second photographer.....

Wedding Portfolio

have a browse

Please take a look through a selection of images I have put together from recent weddings to see for yourselves the sort of work I do.

Wedding portfolio