Our Covid-19 Policies

August 2022

Whilst all Covid-19 restrictions are now lifted, Memories Made Photography continues to operate a safe and sensible approach to working.

  • We will continue to adapt to any new regulations implemented by the Government with immediate notice
  • We will respect any rules and regulations still in place at any venue worked
  • We will continue to monitor all staff for symptoms and signs of illness, and take appropriate actions where necessary
  • We operate a "replacement photographer" policy - whereas if anyone is ill or develops symptoms which would render them unfit to attend an event, we will provide a replacement photographer to cover. This is always in exceptional circumstances. We have never missed an event or wedding.
  • We ask that everyone we work with, and attends events and weddings we are present at, adopts a similar safe and sensible approach.

It has been a massively difficult time for suppliers throughout the pandemic, but we are proud to have got through it, and actually thrived from a business perspective.

The knock on effects are still being felt throughout the industry, especially when it comes to the number of weddings we have had to rearrange, Editing time for example has had to be extended, due to the sheer number of weddings, therefore we do ask for some extra patience and understanding whilst we do what we can.

We massively appreciate the support and best wishes we have received throughout. It really has been a humbling time.


September 2020

As a professional, a parent, and a School Governor, I am committed to following the safe and sensible working guidelines advised and implemented by the government surrounding Covid-19

Whilst most of the work undertaken by Memories Made Photography is “non-contact”, we consider it a sensible approach to implement the following regardless:

  • Anyone working for, or on behalf of Memories Made Photography is temperature checked before commencing work for a client. These records are held securely and are available for view on request.
  • The majority of our work does not require any physical contact, however, we will always remain a minimum of 2 meters from any client, or customer.
  • Masks / face guards will be worn if and as required by government guidelines, and if requested by the client.
  • Equipment is cleaned and sanitized before and after each job. The majority of our equipment never comes into contact with any other surface; however, we do ensure that tripods, light stands etc are thoroughly cleaned after and before use. 
  • Some assignments see us working alone in schools, colleges and places of work (ie for 360 tours etc) We will endeavor to limit the contact made on the premises surfaces, however will liaise with the site supervisor to make them aware of the areas we have worked.
  • We carry and regularly use hand sanitiser.
  • If at ANY time, any person working for or on behalf of Memories Made Photography feels unwell, or shows ANY of the Covid-19 symptoms, they will not attend work, will follow the government guidance at that time regarding isolation, and a replacement photographer will be provided.

We recognise that this whole situation is difficult for everyone, but by adopting a safe and sensible approach to working, we can limit the disruption to our business, our clients business, and keep everyone safe. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Jon Byles Hardman


Memories Made Photography Ltd

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